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Do you eat and train but still can't build muscle? Learn how I broke the code and went from 130lbs to 260lbs.

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Project Muscle Mass is the hard-gainer's go-to textbook for building muscle and adding mass. This ebook contains my two decades of experience along with hundreds of scientific sources. F*ck bro-science. Learn what really works! If you're serious about completely transforming your body, it all starts here. The value is undeniable.


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What's Included

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Hormones and Blood Work

Building muscle requires an understanding of the body as a biological system. Learn what you need to track and how to interpret results with your doctor.

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Nutrition plays a central role in unlocking growth factors within your body. Learn how to prepare your meals so you can put on real mass and tip the scale in your favor.

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Anatomy and Biology

Most people don't have a clue how skeletal muscles function or how muscle creation actually occurs. Don't give your money to personal trainers who can't even explain how muscles contract.

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Workout Guide

Success in the gym boils down to simplicity and intensity. Use the same foundational workouts I did to build large, dense muscles that will set you apart from the rest.

...and much, much more.

Bigger and stronger

EVERY individual who has followed my methods has achieved his or her maximum potential. Every time they enter the gym they are bigger and stronger, while those around them are not. What separates them isn't genetics or a less hectic schedule, it's determination-pure and simple. They progress because their determination eliminates any other possibility. Make a choice, educate yourself, then take action. It's so simple.

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invest in yourself

If free workout tips from fitness influencers were enough, you'd already be jacked. So why aren't you? In life we get what we pay for. Ignorance is expensive. There is a reason you don't grow: you don't know what you are doing.

Do you really want to look back one year from now and look and feel the same?

Some added goodies...

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Meals for Mass

It's not enough to exercise. If you want to get big, you have to fuel that growth with high calorie, nutrient-dense meals. This cookbook was created with meal-prep in mind. Add it at checkout.

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Tracking Documents

That which is not tracked cannot be improved upon. The biggest difference between those who grow and those who plateau is that they measure progress and make changes when necessary. These documents will keep you growing. Add them at checkout.

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